Why PRS?

PRS, or Process Record Slide Limited, is a specialized tool used in IHC staining quality control. It serves as an on-slide calibrator designed to evaluate the effectiveness of capturing primary and secondary antibodies during the staining process. PRS is versatile and compatible with various IHC staining platforms, making it a valuable asset for laboratories using different equipment, such as Leica, Ventenna, Dakos, and more.

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Mission of PRS

The mission of PRS is to revolutionize the field of IHC #staining quality control by introducing an evidence-based and standardized approach. Its goals include:

Despite IHC staining being invented in 1941 as a quantitative test, it has never achieved its intended quantitative function due to the lack of calibration and scientific validation.

The PRS system aims to replace on-slide tissue controls, providing an evidence-based quality indicator and enabling digital images to have a baseline ruler for precise quantitative analysis.

By eliminating non-standardized tissue controls, the risk of potential issues is mitigated, ensuring pathologists can rely on accurate results.

Process Record Slide Limited strives to revolutionize IHC staining, ushering in a new era of standardized and reliable diagnostic practices with profound implications for medical research and diagnostics.​

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