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False-positive results in diagnostic immunopathology can lead to unnecessary treatments. A study compared HRP conjugates in diagnostic assays, and the results were eye-opening! (Nuovo, 2016)

The findings revealed false positives in 13-36% of cases using commonly used commercial assays based on the HRP conjugate.

But here’s where PRS shines!

 PRS eliminates false negative/positive staining results with 100% on-slide control.
 Our control targets are meticulously tested & calibrated for consistency.
 PRS offers a stable shelf life, ensuring reliable results.
 Targets remain as permanent records, allowing future evaluations.
 PRS provides a quantifiable measure of staining reagents for EVERY slide.

Now, let’s talk about how PRS is revolutionizing immunohistochemistry by replacing traditional tissue controls:

Replacing Tissue Controls with PRS: Traditional tissue controls often lack consistency and uniformity, leading to subjective interpretations. PRS steps in with a game-changing solution:

Tissue Control vs. PRS: The Evolution of Quality Control in IHC

Traditional tissue controls have long been the standard in immunohistochemistry (IHC), but they come with limitations: lack of standardization, batch-to-batch variability, and the potential for misuse by pathologists. Here’s how PRS revolutionizes quality control:

Traditional Tissue Controls:

Lack of Standardization: Traditional controls vary between batches and sources, making standardization challenging.

Batch-to-Batch Variability: Inconsistent results can arise due to variations in control materials.

Potential Misuse: Pathologists may misinterpret or misuse traditional controls, leading to inaccuracies.

Enter PRS (Process Record Slides):

 Certified ISO 13485 Medical Device: PRS consists of primary and secondary protein targets with known antigen expression levels, certified to meet rigorous medical device standards.

Standardization: PRS provides reference materials with known properties suitable for examination, ensuring consistent quality.

100% Process QC: PRS is used for 100% process quality control for each IHC staining run, guaranteeing accuracy and reproducibility.

How PRS Replaces Tissue Control:

Standardization: PRS eliminates the variability seen in traditional tissue controls, offering a standardized, reliable alternative.

Reference Materials: PRS serves as a reference material with known properties, eliminating reliance on previous batches.

 100% Accuracy: Each #IHC staining run is individually assessed for accuracy, ensuring precise results every time.

 Regulatory Compliance: PRS aids in achieving accreditation and compliance with #ISO 15189, #CLIA, and #CAP standards.

Choose the future of IHC quality control with #PRS, leaving behind the limitations of traditional tissue controls.

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