Heidstar X PRS 200 slides WSI scanner


Product Description

Heidstar Co., Ltd.
March 2022

As a leading digital pathology scanner supplier, Heidstar is committed to
providing our customers with top-notch products in a cost-effective and timely
manner. HDS-MSCAN-200A is our flagship high throughput whole slide
scanner with more than 180 units sold over the past year.
What is most important for high-throughput equipment is reliability during
unattended operation. HDS-MSCAN-200A is recognized as the most reliable
WSI product in the industry. We welcome our customers to compare it with any
brands under the same settings.

Product Highlight

1) AI algorithm that can automatically detect coverslip surface and rescan the
slide at correct focus plane.
2) The unique slide holder design and loading/unloading mechanism ensure
the lowest risk of sample damage under the condition of unattended
3) 3-hole motorized objective lens exchanger, supporting Olympus 10x, 20x,
and 40x objective lenses
4) Continuous loading and unloading mode enable the scanner to run 24×7
without having to break
5) Supports emergency slide priority loading and scanning;
6) Supports multiple image formats, including Tiled Tiff, SVS, JPG, WebP, and
customized formats
7) Easily integrated with third-party data management and AI imaging process

Item Parameter






1.    imaging equipment: 5M CMOS, 2448×2048

2.    scanning mode: continuous, tiled, sampling

3.    focusing mode: pre-focusing, point-by-point focusing

4.    scan speed: <45s per 15mmx15mm area at 0.27um/pixel

5.    capacity: >200 slides per load, continuous loading

6.    objective lens: up to three lenses—10X, 20X, and 40X

7.    optional 3-hole motorized lens exchanger

8.    dell workstation, Intel I9 processor, 4 TB hard disk drive, 32G memory, 27-inch display, dual network card






Integrated Scanning and

Reviewing Software

Scanning Functions

1.    automatic slide loading and unloading, and beeping after all slides finished scanning.

2.    automatic label reading

3.    z-stack scanning and multi-layer image fusion.

4.    focus density setting, manual and automatic

5.    scanned slides are stored as either one large stitched image or MxN individual images

6.    image compression ratio from 1% to 100%

7.    output images format in JPG, Tiff, WebP, SVS, or Tiled Tiff

8.    scanning results can be named by time/barcode/QR code/OCR, and can be renamed manually

9.    automatically read common types of barcodes/QR codes

10. initial focus plane and searching range can be adjusted based on slide thickness

11. automatic cover glass detection

12. stop scan button

13. real-time status monitoring, equipment error code display

14. automatically rescan when an error detected


Reviewing Functions

1.    browse images while scanning

2.    quick overview of the scan results list

3.    image browsing function

4.    image navigation function

5.    image annotation function

6.    compare multiple images on one screen

7. cell counting and reporting functions


User Access Control

1.    three levels of account with different privileges

2.    administrator has full access to all functions

3.    operator has access to scan-related functions

4.    viewer can only browse and view scanned images


Packing List:
Item Maker Unit Quantity Remark
1 200-slide scanner HDS set 1 /
2 slide holder HDS piece 50 holds 4


3 sample slide HDS piece 4
4 workstation Dell set 1 /
5 27” monitor Dell set 1 /
6 mouse & keyboard Dell set 1 /
7 HDMI cable Dell piece 1 /
8 USB cable HDS piece 1 /
9 network cable HDS piece 1 /
10 power cord HDS piece 2 /
11 certificate HDS copy 1 /
12 user manual HDS copy 1 USB drive
Selected Customers for our high throughput scanner
Landing Medical 57 sets
Major Pharmaceutical Company (NDA protected) 33 sets
Dipath 18 sets




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