PRS IHC antibodies

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Portable, Accessible & Efficient Intelligent Digital Slide Scanner

AI-powered Cytology & Histology Diagnostic




  • 2 Slides/Scan 
  • Digital Scan and Upload 
  • AI Cervical Cancer Diagnosis 
  • In-lab and/or Remote Diagnosis by Cytologist/Pathologist 


  • 2 Slides/Scan 
  • Digital Scan and Upload  
  • Manual Pathologist Review 
  • In-lab and/or Remote Diagnosis by Pathologist 

Portable Digital Pathology Slide Scanner

LD Patho Scanner Series

Patho Scanner

 Say goodbye to bulky, expensive and complex microscopes with Landing Med’s robust portable digital pathology slide scanners. Landing Med’s portable cytology and histology scanners enhance the efficiency and confidence of cytotechnicians and pathologists in the diagnosis of various early-stage tumors. 


Efficient Portable :

Fast fully automatic scanning and image processing, scanning 2 slides at a time.

Robust AI Analysis :

Landing Med CytoBrain Intelligent algorithm
is based on 10+ million samples. It performs
analysis using artificial intelligence (AI), labels
suspicious cells and automatically generates
diagnostic reports with cervical cell images.

Portable :

Light, easy to carry and setup.

Remote Diagnostics :

High-quality and low-cost diagnostics through
Landing Med’s AI+cloud platform. Local on-site
or remote data review available. Supports
review options on a variety of mobile devices.

Superior Image Clarity :

Industrial camera with customized imaging tube lens and non-polar dimming light sources
provide superior digital image clarity.

Pathology Machine

Patho Side Img
  1. Highly integrated XYZ platform, optimum selection of shaft motor and lead screw ensures compact size and movement accuracy.
  2. Network connection via internet cable or wireless connection, includes hotspot signal.
  3. Powerful built-in computer independently performs calculations. 

User-Friendly. Touchscreen. No Peripherals. 

  • Highly integrated touchscreen panel; no need for additional host computer, display, mouse  and keyboard. 
  • Convenient touchscreen preview. Small high-performance processor and high-resolution  touchscreen display efficiently processes scanned sample image data. 
  • Easy on-site or remote image review via web browser (account name and password);   no need to download software or App. 
  • Scanned slide image data can be uploaded to the cloud platform for remote review by  experienced cytotechnicans or pathologists.


Technical Specification Table

Pathology Lab

About Landing Med :

Founded in 2000, Landing Med is a medical technology company on a mission to  use AI to eliminate cancer. We focus on developing early cancer detection solutions for pathologists. Landing Med’s flagship cytology AI+Cloud diagnostic platform is based on 10+ million samples and we work with 2,000+ health organizations globally to deliver intelligent, efficient and accessible solutions.  

Case Study: 
Landing Med Central Lab Performs 20,000 Diagnoses/Day 

By automating the most labor intensive parts of the cervical cancer screening process with robots and an AI cloud platform, Landing Med’s central lab can screen up to 20,000 samples/day. 

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